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The Avondale Church of God
"Where salvation makes you a member"
Sunday School
We welcome you to Sunday School. We need some boys and girls like you here. We learn to sing and pray and read our bibles every day! Come learn the stories from the Bible that teach us good wholesome living and inspire a closer walk with God.    

Need A Ride?
Live close to the church and need a ride?  We'll be happy to pick you up!  Email us or call 602-386-7778

If you plan on sending your child(ren) alone, save time by filling out the registration form here.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Avondale Church of God will be transporting your child(ren) Sunday morning for Sunday School. We will pick up your child(ren) between 8:45-9:00 am and transport them back promptly after Sunday School dismisses. We request that an adult is home for the children upon return. If there are any concerns or problems, please call: 602-386-7778.
Every Sunday, 9:30am -10:30am
Sunday School is for all Ages
Pre-K             3 - 5 years                Teen                  13 - 15 years
Primary         6 - 7 years                Young Adult    16 - 19 years
Elementary  8 - 9 years                Adults                20+ years
Junior           10 - 12 years

Church Bus Pick-up Area