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Idaho Fellowship Meeting Recap

The Idaho Fellowship Meeting was held on September 24–27 in Loon Lake, WA.  Saints gathered from around the U.S. for wonderful fellowship and encouragement.  The venue was Pinelow Park and Conference Center on the shores of Deer Lake (yes, it’s a little confusing!), a campground with a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery.  The Lord blessed and the weather turned out to be great!  Some favorite activities were kayaking/canoeing, getting drinks from the coffee shop, and hanging out in the cabins, doing puzzles and playing games.

The meeting being smaller and having an entrance fee, the majority of the attendees were saved; thus, the messages were primarily to the Church, for example, Brother Ward’s message “The Order of Succession”, Brother Ellinger’s “The Labors of an Ox”, and Brother Wilcoxon’s “Such As I Have, Give I Thee” about the importance of passing our values down to future generations.  All the messages were encouraging and challenging, inspiring us to keep God first and to be ready to work for Him.

Sister Green of Hayden, ID led the Prayer and Thanksgiving services. Her thoughts through the weekend were on God’s mercy, faithfulness and love.  These qualities of God were then seen through the myriad testimonies given.  Many people thanked God for leading them to Truth.  Others thanked God for healing, and for help in their careers.  It was wonderful to see and hear so many ways in which God has shown amazing mercy, faithfulness and love.  The worship services were also very inspired with many songs praising God for all his goodness to us. 

The meeting was such a blessing and one everyone should consider attending next year!
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