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Camping Info

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a few days of fun and fellowship while camping near the most beautiful lake on the Mogollon Rim.  We will be camping at Crook campground again this year, which is about 0.5 miles from Woods Canyon Lake. We have reserved both site A and site B for this year’s camp.  Once again, we have the campsites reserved through Sunday, which means you are also welcome to stay over Sunday night if you would like to. We plan to have a Sunday morning service at one of the campsites. We also would like to take a group picture right after the service. Details will be provided when we get closer. 

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Woods Canyon Lake - June 20-23, 2024 

  • The campsites will be loosely separated along the following guidelines.  Group site A will be for those who desire to use generators, while Group Site B will be for those who are not using generators. This will help ensure quiet time for the tent campers.  Note that generator use is still controlled by the campground rules.  Other than the use of generators, you are welcome to camp in whichever site you wish.

  • We will dedicate two or three individual campsites to games like badminton or spike ball in addition to having the usual corn hole boards under the ramada. 


Check In/Out:  We are allowed to check in at 2:00 PM on Thursday, 20 June (if the campsite is not reserved before us, we can usually check in early, we can check as we get closer).  We have the campsite all day Sunday, so there is no rush to leave.


Devotions: Each night around 8:15 - 8:20PM we will have group devotions around the campfire.


Weather:  We expect the weather to be a little warm and sunny (surprise!) with daytime temps around 80 and low temps in the 50s.  Since we are transitioning into the monsoon season, rain is possible, especially near the end of the trip.  It is always good to check just before leaving to see what the weather is predicted to be.  Compared to Phoenix it is usually 25 degrees cooler in the day and 30-35 degrees cooler at night.  Due to the elevation being so high, it is easy to get sun burned quickly.  Sunscreen is highly recommended during all outside activities.


Recreation:  Fishing of course! (A license is required for those over 10).  Crawdads are also abundant and fun to catch and they taste good too.  Boats can be rented from the marina for a hefty price of $85/4 hrs.  There is an excellent biking trail that runs along the recreation area for approximately 5 miles.  In addition there are numerous hiking trails close by, including the 3.7 mile hike around the lake.  In past years, there have been eagle viewing telescopes set up at various places on the hike around the lake.  There are numerous Forest Service roads to ride OHVs, ATVs or motorcycles.  All motorized vehicles must be licensed and driven only by licensed drivers on all paved roads including at the campground.  Please be considerate of those who are camping to enjoy the more quiet nature experience. 


Food:  Everyone is on their own to bring whatever they want to eat.  In addition, bring whatever dishes (paper and plastic wear) and preparation utensils and cleaning materials you will need.  No food will be provided and the nearest restaurant is about 10 miles away.  One idea to make food preparation easier is to team with another family and alternate preparing meals.


Facilities:  As in previous years, not much exists other than the ramada, outhouse and access to water.  Theoretically, the water is suitable for drinking….but you may want to bring your own drinking water.  However the water is certainly usable for washing and cleaning.


Pets:  Pets are restricted in the campground area.  If you are obligated to bring a dog, campground rules require it to be on a leash at all times.  Campground quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM during which animals need to be kept quiet (in spite of the occasional skunk or numerous squirrels that wander through the campground.)


Fires:  It is uncertain whether fires will be allowed during this camping trip.  Currently stage 1 fire restrictions are in place.  Due to the heightened danger of wildfires, please review with your children the importance of not starting fires, especially off in the woods. In every case, please be sure of the current fire restrictions before starting any fire, including in the charcoal grills. 


Cost:  No charge to individuals or families. The cost of the campsite is being paid by the church.


Directions:  Follow SR87 north to Payson.  Turn east on highway 260 (right turn just past McDonald’s) toward Heber.  Pass by Tonto Creek and Christopher Creek and soon you will begin a long climb up a hill (about 30 miles out of Payson).  At the top of the hill turn left at the “Woods Canyon Lake” sign.  This is FR300, but it may not be obvious.  However, the lake is well marked and there is an information center on the opposite side of the road.  About 3 miles down this road, FR300 will turn to dirt as shown in the map below.  Here you will turn right on Woods Canyon Lake Road, staying on the pavement.  Crook Group Campsite is a short ways down on the right side of the road, before you get to the turnoff to Spillway Campground and Aspen Campground.  Total driving time can be expected to be around 2:30.

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