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Fake News

Many Paths to Heaven

Salvation is the only road to Heaven Mat 7:14

Baptized as a baby

Only those who have repented and are saved are candidates for water baptism Mat 28: 19-20

all Christians sin

True Christians don't sin.  Sin is a willful transgression against God's law  1 Jn 3:9-10

Once saved, always saved

Christ died to save you FROM your sins, not IN them.  Get saved, stop sinning.  Heb 10:26

I believe = going to heaven

So does Satan...  It's more than believe to join Christ in Heaven.  Be a Doer.  Jas 2:19

Real Truth

One Church

The church of God is not a building or organization but it is those who have been saved from all sin; salvation makes you a member Eph 3:14-15

Jesus is returning

He invites you to return to Heaven with Him to enjoy an eternity with no more tears, pain or suffering Jn 14:1-3


 Christ died to save you from

your sins 1 Jn 3:5

the Bible

Answers to life's problems; solutions for today are all found in God's Word.=

2 Tim 3:16-17


Its' hard to get in shape spiritually if you only work out on Sundays; read and pray everyday Ps 119:105




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