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"Do You Want to Know Who You Are? Don't Ask. Act!"

This quotation comes from Thomas Jefferson, who goes on to say that "action will delineate and define you." Introspection helps you understand yourself, but only if you do something to examine. This is a good point, but don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to do something big and exciting to know who you are. Even inaction can tell you who you are, if it's deliberate. Not everyone draws, or writes, or invents, or builds, or whatever. If sitting on a comfortable chair drinking a nice cup of coffee is who you are, that's great. It just needs to be on purpose.

Perhaps that cup of coffee is done while studying God’s Word and followed by prayer for fellow Followers in this race. Or perhaps it’s praying for the unsaved... it’s simple but your morning cup of coffee can have a purpose just like everything we do.

We’ve heard it many times but it bears repeating. Prayer warriors matter. Every platoon in the army has a communications specialist. Someone who is relaying coordinates and positions of the platoon and the enemy. Perhaps that’s your job? You may not be up front but your part is integral to the work of the church.

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