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The Image in the Mirror

Readers note: Chapter 4 of “The Secret of Being Strong” by C.W. Naylor

The author begins this chapter about mirrors and how they reflect the image things. Sometimes they reflect a bad image because they are warped or aged or not kept up. The author then asks what is the spiritual version of a mirror: our minds. Our minds reflect God's essence. If we are in tune with God we will reflect a good image of him. If we have any wrong ideas it will be distorted.

The author then describes what different people thought of Jesus and how it was a reflection of their minds towards him.

The author then tells a story of interacting with a minister whose demeanor was stern. The author was fearful to be around him because of his piercing gaze. But once he got to know the minister he saw that he was a tender and kindhearted man. "...if the mirror into which you are looking shows God as an "austere man," remember the trouble is in the mirror, not God. Learn about him, get him properly reflected in your mind. Get rid of your wrong idea concerning him. Know him as he is."

God does not look on us and just see our faults. He looks down on us with love and sees past the faults. He is interested in our wellbeing. If we see God in a different light then a loving caring deity, we have a distorted view of God.

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