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Applying life lessons to our spiritual walk

Many times we apply spiritual lessons to our secular temporal lives. There are many opportunities to do the inverse; apply life lessons to our spiritual walk. From our first days in school to our first chores as a child around the house we learn about time management. We can carry these lessons learned to our Devotional life.

As we continue to matriculate through school we develope a study rythm. Once again an opportunity presents itself to use these tools in our devotional life. The Bible is to be discovered and mined, not simply read. In our Sunday School studies, what have we learned as we matriculate? What should you have learned?

With respect to the administration of the church, God wishes us to be good stewards. Do we have a strategic plan, do we have goals; can we apply principles of business and best practices to the administration of the church, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

Practice makes perfect... in our worship and praise to God are we using what we have learned in our musical studies to better ourselves and make a joyful noise? Being ready for those who ask, being instant in season, requires preparation - a joyful noise requires preparation.

There is opportunity everyday to apply these life lessons to our worship of God, our outreach and our walk with God. God has equipped us with tools, let’s use them!

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