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Healing of a Three Week Flu

Date: 1971

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Disease/Condition: Severe flu

Beneficiary: Carolyn French

Age of beneficiary at time of healing: 3

Divine healing is an enduring truth of God's Word, so it was only natural for us to trust our children to God. God healed them as the prayer of faith was prayed. When our oldest daughter Carolyn was 3 years old, she became sick with what seemed to be the stomach flu. She could not keep anything in her stomach except for room-temperature tea. This went on for three weeks. She lost weight and became very thin. She was prayed for but grew steadily worse. Our faith and trust was in God. He had never failed us and we knew that he would not now. She was in his hands.

One night it seemed like she was very close to death. I went to my room, laid on my bed and cried out to God, “Please take her or heal her. I do not want to see her suffer anymore.” At that time, the presence of God was there right beside me. He said to me, “Give her to me.” I could not hear the words out loud but knew He had spoken to me. Then I told God He could have her because He knew what was best. It seemed He was going to take her to heaven to be with Him, but I was willing.

The next morning when Carolyn woke, she asked for something to drink. Later in the day, she asked for something to eat. God had healed her. Praise God! From then on, she gained back her weight and appetite. It was a living testimony of God's healing power.

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