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If I Were In God's Place

Readers note:

Chapter 5 of “The Secret of Being Strong” by C.W. Naylor

Sometimes we look on the situation of another and think to ourselves, “If I were them I would…”. In the same type of thought we can say, “If I were God, I would or would not do this.” Do you think you would do a better job at being God if you were in his place? The author asks this question in several different ways in this chapter. Are you more just than God is? Are you wiser?

When we put our self in “God’s shoes” and think we know how to handle a situation, we are not thinking wisely. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”, wrote the prophet Isaiah. God sees all and knows all, he is infinitely wiser then we could ever be. We should not put ourselves in his shoes. The author then tells the reader his intent on who he is speaking to, the conscientious. He says that you should not judge yourself harder than God judges you because God's standard is the highest and is perfect, just and merciful. God will not require more of one than he would of another saint of God. We need to learn not to be harder on ourselves then we would be if we were observing the situation.

"Do not have a higher standard for yourself than you have for others. God has the same standard for all. God expects some imperfections in us. He expects us to serve him with all of our hearts."

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