Autumn Leaves

Fall Revival Meeting

October 20-24 7pm
(6pm on Sat/Sun)

Guest Speaker Pastor Travis Hyatt,
Brandon, FL


Sunday School 9:30am

AM Service: 10:30am

PM Service: 6pm


Prayer Meeting: 7pm


Youth Meeting: 7pm

(except 1st Fridays)

Sunday School

Ages 5-up, transportation available

Events & Services
Children Praying

At The Avondale Church of God, we offer congregants of all ages a chance to learn about God and his plan for our lives.  We can provide local area transportation if needed.  Classes include:

Primary                5-7

Elementary          8-9

Junior                   10-12

Teen Girls            13-18

Teen Boys            13-18

Young Marrieds 

Adults                   19+


Revivals, Camp Meeting and Kids Events

Special Events

Special Events throughout the year are available including Revivals, our annual Camp Meeting, Christmas Program and various Children's events, Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to keep up!

Bible Study Hour

Interested in learning more about God's word in an informal setting?    email Leader


Spiritual enrichment for all, spring and fall events featuring a guest speaker. 

Camp Meeting

Annual 5 day event featuring guest speakers and fellow Christians from all over the world!

Happy Student

Shaping Your Faith, Fridays 7pm

Youth Group

The Youth Group’s purpose is to encourage teens to put their faith and trust in God and be an example to the world. During our services, we teach age-appropriate lessons, and give teens opportunities to encourage each other through organized activities and events throughout the year.


The Youth Group meets on Fridays at 7:00 p.m., with the exception of the first Friday of each month. For more information, click below.