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When God chastises

Readers note: Chapter 7 of “The Secret of Being Strong” by C.W. Naylor 

As parents chasten and discipline their children, so does God with His children. If one has self-discipline they will be disciplined less often from their parents or God. But it is common for God to chastise his children when they are not going according to the path he has directed them on.

Some will say the punishment and discipline are the something, they would be incorrect in saying that. Punishment is to cause pain, misery, and despair for one’s actions when no other actions are possible for correcting a behavior. Discipline on the other hand is done out of love, at least in the cases of God. God does not cause his children to suffer without a cause. He is trying to mold them into what is best for them.

We as children need to follow Job’s example. In Job 34:31-32, Job says that he bore his chastisement. He did not argue with God or even get angry with him. He took the chastisement and subjected himself under it. We must do the same when God corrects us. We shouldn’t murmur or complain about our circumstances or how God is getting after us. We should follow the correction of God when it comes so we do not offend God further. 

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