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The Worst Thing in the World

Chapter 2 of C.W. Naylor’s Book “Secret of Being Strong”


What is the worst thing in the world? Sin, illness, poverty? That is the question is posed by the author in this chapter. He claims that discouragement is the worst thing in the world. Discouragement acts as a constant foe to all of mankind and even more so to those battling sin, illness and poverty.

The chapter goes on to tell us that man over-thinks his problems and gives himself discouragement. This over-thinking magnifies our weaknesses. When you are fighting discouragement by yourself you cannot win and you will only lose.

First you must look at things plainly. Are things as bad as they seem? Is God giving me more than I can handle? Are you powerless or just giving up?

God is there to help us and he has promised his grace is sufficient. So, if we say, "if I only had Grace"; we are doing ourselves a disservice; because right next to us there is an ocean of Grace that we need only to ask for. When discouraged, we just need to reach out on faith for help from God, and to remember we are the children of the King whom have been given the power to rule with a rod of iron.

I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

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