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A Sure Cure for Heart Trouble

Readers note: Chapter 8 of “The Secret of Being Strong” by C.W. Naylor

There are two kinds of natural heart trouble: one is organic, and other sympathetic or nervous heart trouble. The first is a diseased condition of the heart. The second is a reaction from something else.” This is not only true for our physical hearts but it applies to our spiritual hearts as well. The organic trouble is sin and is cured through salvation. The author goes on to discuss the second heart trouble for the rest of this chapter. In this human experience of life there will be sorrow, fear, and trails; but God wants us to be happy. This happiness is not a replacement of the troubles of life but it is in spite of them. When we have heart problems we need to take it to God, the Great Physician, as we would with our own physical heart issues. God’s cure was given by Christ in John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled.” Believing in God and trusting in his problems with cure a troubled heart. Christ does not say your heart will not be troubled ever again; he told us not to let it be troubled. God has given us this responsibility to not let our heart have problems. All we have to do is just trust and believe in God. 

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