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He Got Used To It

The author opens this chapter with two short stories about a couple that got saved and were zealous for the things of God and abhorred the things of world and sin. But as time went on they got used to the sin around them and were complacent. They did not sin themselves they just weren't moved to have righteous indignation about the matter.

The author then asks if that situation was okay and he said of course not. "Our love of righteous and spiritual things is in direct proportion to our hatred for evil..." So if we seek spiritual things and get close to God the world gets worse in our eyes. If we drift away from God it begins to look more attractive. *Readers note: this is perhaps how so many people that once were saved can leave the truth because they have gotten used to the world.* "...we should be warned that we are drifting away from that high plane of spirituality on which it is our privilege and duty to live." I like that, it is our duty to live on the high plane of Holiness. Let us not forget and get used to the world. We need to love righteous and hate sin.


Readers note:

“From the bookshelf” is going to be a series of posts that gives summaries of chapters in inspirational, doctrinal, and devotional books that can be found in our local church library or in the personal libraries of the local saints. These little extractions are to encourage the saints and to show case the thoughts of those that have fought the fight of faith before us.

“The Secret of Being Strong” is a short book written by C.W. Naylor. His desire was for readers to find “something to stimulate, to uplift, and to encourage”.

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