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Is Your Heart Fixed?

Readers Note: Chapter 6, The Secret of Being Strong, C. W. Naylor 

What did David mean when he wrote, "My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed.”? Some might say that this fixing is a repair of our hearts to be of more use of God. But God said that he will give us a new heart and not that he would fix the one we have. So, what David meant here was that you heart needs to be fixed on God or your purpose needs to be set on God.

The fixed purpose on God needs to give us a surety and confidence about the truths about God. God wants us to be settled on his doctrines so we are not swayed by the torrent of false doctrines that swirl around us today.

We need to remember to remain settled in our experience and to not have our emotions effect it. There are going to be times we feel good and other times we will feel sad or zealous or aimless. But we need to have out heart fixed on God and not be effected by the whims of our emotions. We need to keep our hearts consecrated to the purpose God will have for us. 

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